Telemedicine It is not just a video call between the patient and the doctor, but you can perform the initial checks that take place in the hospital and measure all vital signs from afar, and we at careflix operate all our virtual clinics with all the modern medical technology developments that make visiting the virtual clinic more than just a video call with the doctor

Who We Are?

Careflix is one of the medical executive's company projects that seek to keep pace with the technical transformation in the medical field and the field of operating medical clinics and hospitals Careflix is a mobile virtual clinic that enables the patient to communicate with the doctor remotely after taking the vital signs and the various diagnostic tests required for the diagnosis and is presented to the doctor directly, through which he diagnoses and prescribes the required drug by electronic prescription.

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We at Careflix work with all the accumulated skills, skills and experiences we have in helping to raise the level of providing medical services in the region in general and providing all kinds of medical services and keeping pace with technical developments in the medical field

Our vision

Careflix is a leading and most trusted brand in providing medical services of a technical and professional nature, which in turn caters to all beneficiaries and users.

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